Pixy2 updated

Pixy 2 System is an astronomical image examination and object identification application. It process raw images and makes basic corrections. It can also identify asteroids, comets and find variable stars. It was developed by Seiichi Yoshida, I took liberty and updated it a bit.

Original version was last updated in 2007, more than four years ago. Features of this program are impressive so I tryed to run it. But it depended on some outdated packages from ancient version of Java Runtime.

I gave it a few hours and updated Pixy2 sources so it runs on recent JVM (1.6+). I also moved project source codes to Github, so now anyone can easily contribute new features.

So what I did:

Pixy2 is now polished and shiny, but it could still use some improvements. My plan is to add support for UCAC3 catalog and some online catalogs. And in some time I would like to make Pixy2 part of planetarium.

You can find updated version in repository, or you can binary package

Last modification: April 23 2012

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